Improve your Draught Profitability with Gap Draught’s Smart Draught Monitoring System – integrated into TabletPOS

Who needs the Gap Draught System?

If you own a Bar or Restaurant that serves Beer, Gin or Cider on Tap, then you need Gap Draught’s Real-Time Smart Draught Monitoring System… Industry stats show that at least 20% of the draught poured in Bars and Restaurants is not being billed! Your lost revenue per keg could be hundreds of Rands! Imagine how much revenue you are losing if you pour several kegs of beer? The monthly cost of Gap Draught becomes small when compared to the revenue that your bar can lose without effective controls in place. 

The Gap Draught System consists of the following main elements

  • Flowmeters that measure size of every pour no matter how big or small
  • Sensors that automatically detect when cleaning occurs that allows the system to remove the cleaning volumes

What can the Gap Draught System do for your Bar or Restaurant?

Gap Draught can help you increase your revenue and reduce your waste and losses. It can even help you to identify theft or instances when draught is not being rung up.

Gap Draught is integrated into TabletPOS, which means that we can provide your bar with vital information for optimizing your draught revenue and control – daily.

  • Draught variances are calculated automatically every day & sent to you by email
  • Monitor over pouring and spillage to minimize losses due to waste
  • Compare brands and determine which ones are fast and slow moving
  • Save time – No more weighing of kegs, manual reading of flowmeters or manual calculations.
  • Alerts sent when coolers get turned off, or when the power fails.

Features and Benefits

Information is just a click away and can be accessed from your computer or mobile phone…

  • Manage your draught stock better
  • Get your variance reports sent to you daily, weekly & monthly, automatically by email.
  • View Draught on your POS PREP SHEET without having to do a stock take on your draught
  • Track and reduce wastage and losses
  • Get email ALERTS when your cooler gets switched off
  • Compare brands within Bars or Bars within groups
  • Log onto the Gap Draught Mobile App to get instant access to your draught information.

By Craig Akin - Director: Gap Draught