Steak & Ale | Client in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

Steak & Ale, a longstanding Gap Draught client, is a pub and restaurant situated right across from The George on Chartwell Drive in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban.

The venue was born out of an investor’s desire to add to the festivities of the Fifa World Cup. His endeavour turned out to be hugely successful. Both locals and tourists routinely rallied at Steak & Ale throughout the World Cup.

This energy persisted even after the World Cup had ended. As a result, today Steak & Ale is known for its vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere.

Locals love coming here for live sporting events, after-work drinks, and even some mid-week live music.

Interestingly, lodging itself across the road from The George did not impede Steak & Ale’s growth or popularity. Quite the opposite occurred.

The two pubs developed a strong relationship and sense of Comradery, as is evident when the customers of both venues convene on the street to sing the national anthem during significant sports events.

Steak & Ale is another one of our oldest clients that we are delighted to call part of the Gap Draught team.

We are extremely proud to be contributing to the success of  Steak & Ale by helping them monitor their draughts, reduce loss, and increase revenue. To learn more about our products and features click here.

Go and enjoy delicious comfort food and a cold beer at this local hotspot

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