Santis Bar & Grill in Johannesburg | New Gap Draught client

The Gap Draught team is eager to welcome Santis Bar & Grill in  Johannesburg, to our family! 

The owner established Santis Bar & Grill in 1997. The venue is another all-rounder in the pub and restaurant game, boasting tasty food, good service, entertainment, and an electric atmosphere.

Santis is known for having reasonably priced food for the superb level of quality, offering a different special for each day of the week. They use high-quality ingredients, and almost everything is entirely handmade!

They serve a wide range of food options, from Mediterranean to Italian but are especially renowned for their delicious burgers. Their burgers are incredibly popular in the area and are one of the reasons locals keep flocking back.

Santis comes alive at night, offering various forms of entertainment and events throughout the week. From karaoke nights, live sports events, quiz nights, live music, or even just a casual night messing around on their in-house jukebox, this venue has it all!

We signed with Santis only in March earlier this year, and we are so thrilled to have them on board.

We can’t wait to embark on this journey with them and help them reduce their draught losses where we can. Click here to find out more about what we offer.

If you are visiting or live in the area, go enjoy some beers, burgers, and great entertainment at Santis and watch yourself get roped in like the rest of the locals.

Click here to visit their website for more information on their events, specials, and menu. We also suggest you follow their social media pages to keep informed about upcoming events. Find the links to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn below.