Salsa Mexican Grill | Welcome to Gap Draught

We are excited to officially welcome Salsa Mexican Grill to our team! They are one of our cherished clients and have been with us for years. 

Salsa Mexican Grill was established in 2015 and has blossomed into a well-established and popular Mexican restaurant. 

They have successfully contributed to curating the Mexican food craze in South Africa with their tasty food and festive atmosphere.

Salsa Mexican Grill is a franchise with many branches throughout the country. But the one pictured in this blog post is specifically the Menlyn Maine branch in Pretoria. 

We look forward to continuing this journey with Salsa and helping them manage their draught losses and increase their revenue. Click here to learn about how we do this with our draught monitoring products and services.

We suggest you visit Salsa Mexican Grill for your Mexican food fix and a vibrant, fun-filled evening!

Click here to visit their website and learn more about them. You will also find links to their social media pages below.