Founders at Giles in Johannesburg | Official Welcome and Tribute

We would like to officially welcome Founders at Giles, located in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. They are one of our very first clients! 

The Gillies family opened Founders at Giles in 1994. They named it as a play on words of the family surname and after a well-known British comic.

It blossomed from a modest bar into a well-established restaurant. It has tasty food, a vibrant atmosphere, and incredible sunset views over the Craighall Park valley in Johannesburg. 

Founders at Giles is known for their supreme quality burgers and steaks, and it is a favourite after-work hangout for young professionals.

We installed our software and flow metres at this venue early in 2017, so we have been helping them reduce their draught losses for many years! 



We asked one of the current owners, Michael, for his input. He said he is extremely happy with Gap Draught, that the product and service have been excellent, and it has saved them a lot of money. 


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Visit Founders at Giles for some delicious food and sundowners on the deck. Click here to visit their website for more information. 


Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information. Please find the links below.