Hell’s Kitchen in Melville, Johannesburg | Gap Draught Client

Hells Kitchen in Melville, Johannesburg is another Gap Draught client and cherished member of our family.

The founders opened Hell’s Kitchen in 2014, intending to create a unique and fun atmosphere inspired by rock n roll, speakeasies, and the 1920s. 

Hell’s kitchen provides its patrons with an unpretentious alternative to some of the other Johannesburg hotspots within its nightlife scene. 

They have high-quality food, excellent service, an unparalleled atmosphere, and great entertainment in the form of live jazz and rock music on the weekends as well as a secret poker room. 

Hell’s Kitchen has been a valued client since November 2018, and we are so proud to have them on board. 


If the Rock n’ Roll life calls to either you or your alter ego, Hell’s Kitchen is the perfect place for you to unwind. 


Click here to visit their website for more information. We advise you to also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events and specials!


If you are interested in learning more about how we help them monitor their draughts, click here.