Pappas on the Square in Johannesburg | New Gap Draught Client

Pappas on the Square in Sandton, Johannesburg, has just joined Gap Draught! We can’t wait to work with them to reduce their draught wastage and increase their revenue where we can. 

Athos Pappas founded this family-owned Greek and Mediterranean restaurant in 1987. The restaurant is still thriving under the family’s second generation, over three decades later. 

It is a highly acclaimed, award-winning venue located on Nelson Mandela Square, overlooking the famous Madiba statue in Sandton. 

Pappas has a constantly evolving menu with creatively crafted, traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes. What makes this venue so unique and special is the fact that the dishes are based on family recipes passed down through the generations.

They also offer excellent entertainment involving Greek traditions, such as breaking plates, on request.

Pappas is the perfect venue for those in the mood for an unforgettable, fun Greek experience with friends and family!

Click here to visit their website to have a look at their menu and make reservations. 

We also suggest you follow the links below to their Instagram and Facebook pages for more information on events, food, and specials.