Living Stones | New Gap Draught Client

Living Stones – located in Hatfield, Pretoria – is one of our more recent clients as of May earlier this year. 

Since May, we have been helping them monitor their draughts and pick up on wastage where we can.

This lively venue was previously called Cafe Livingstone. Locals know it as one of the oldest bars and restaurants in Hatfield, Pretoria. 

A new owner has recently rebranded the venue and transformed it into a charming student hub, now called Living Stones. 

The venue underwent renovations and spawned a stunning outdoor seating area for visitors. It has also been fitted with a more practical design for the kitchen and bar to improve service efficiency.

Situated in extremely close proximity to the University of Pretoria or more widely known “Tukkies,” the venue caters to students and is an attractive destination to them.

They have delicious pub food that includes burgers, platters, toasted sandwiches, and even breakfasts. 

They offer entertainment in the form of TV screens, a pool table, and even a classic arcade machine!

The venue has a distinctively South African feel to it. Customers can sit back, relax, enjoy a couple of beers, brandy and coke, or a classic “Springbokkie” shooter. All while also supporting our beloved Rugby team and singing the national anthem. 

This makes it an extremely popular venue to come and enjoy live sports events with friends.

Visit Living Stones for a casual, yet vibrant and fun evening with friends. 

Follow the link below to their Facebook Page for more information on events and specials.