News Cafe | Gap Draught Client

News Cafe is a franchise born in Pretoria that has become prominent across South Africa and has even expanded to various African countries.

We are proud to announce that we have been working with News Cafe to help them monitor their draughts and reduce wastage since September 2019!


This well-established franchise is part of the Fournews brand portfolio. Established in 1995, Fournews currently own several restaurants and franchises across the country. These include News Cafe, Moyo, Brooklyn Brothers, Hello Tomato, Senhor Peri Peri, and Soul Souvlaki. 

The original News Cafe is located in Hathfield, Pretoria. However, there are 16 branches across the country. They are mainly concentrated in Gauteng, but there is also one branch each in Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, Western Cape, and Mpumalanga.

They stretched their footprint across Africa since 2003 when they opened a branch in Botswana. You can also find them in Namibia, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The Brand

News Cafe is a multi-award-winning, proudly South African luxury brand and multipurpose venue. It’s a cocktail bar, coffee bar, and entertainment venue all in one, providing its loyal customer base with world-class entertainment, food, and beverages.

News Cafe is big on branding and is at the forefront of innovation within the restaurant industry. This is because of Its culture of creative expansion and inventiveness. 

They are constantly trendsetting and are a benchmark restaurant for food and beverage, decor, entertainment, and atmosphere. 

They are well aware of their target market – a sophisticated and cosmopolitan customer base – and constantly try to provide a venue that matches this. 

The Atmosphere

The secret to their success lies in the carefully curated ambiance and atmosphere that they pride themselves on.

The atmosphere is contemporary and lively and comprised of several factors that contribute to this feeling. It provides the customer with a feel-good, electric energy, and dining experience. Like a drug, this energy gets them hooked and inclined to keep returning for more. 

The decor, music, entertainment, cocktails, and friendly service combine to provide customers with an unparalleled atmosphere. 

The decor retains the News Cafe identity while also inspired by global trends with a unique twist, with visuals that mirror the urban, cultural experience of South Africa and are inspired by the street art movement. 

They are constantly innovating and changing, experimenting with pops of colour, metals, and soft textures. 

Food and Beverage

This venue is a legend in the game of mixology, providing its customers with an extensive selection of creative and beautiful cocktails. 

Testament to this is that they managed to win the Best of Joburgs “cocktail bar of the year” award for 17 consecutive years!

They also offer delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a wide range of options, from a classic eggs benedict to burgers and sandwiches. 

Visit one of their branches for an unforgettable and joyful evening with friends. The team is sure to deliver only the finest quality with passion, finesse, and enthusiasm. 

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