V&A Food Market | Gap Draught Client

V&A Food Market in Cape Town, has been using our draught beer monitoring services since the end of 2019! 

We hope to continue to help them monitor their draughts as the tourism sector gradually comes back to life in South Africa over the coming years. 

The Location

V&A Food Market is situated in a popular tourist destination in Cape Town, at the V&A Waterfront. You can find it in an old power station that used to supply the Cape Town dockyard with power back in 1882. 

The significance of this is how it allowed trade to be possible in Cape Town and Africa. In doing so, it bridged a gap between Africa and the rest of the world.

The location as it stands today is performing a similar function in keeping us globally connected. It is bringing international cultures to our shores by allowing South Africa to keep abreast of food trends.

The Trade

V&A Food Market is essentially a street food experience that allows vendors to sell food products in a market setting. In this way, they can showcase artisanal foods at affordable prices.

The venue boasts over 40 tenants and a wide range of local food concepts, from the classics such as burgers and pizzas to Vietnamese rice paper rolls. There truly is something to satisfy every palate.

The venue is a prominent force in the Cape Town food industry. As a result, they are setting trends across the country and constantly seeking fresh, innovative, and groundbreaking concepts to join the scene.

The market serves as a platform for experimental foodies and entrepreneurs to test their food concepts on the public and develop their entrepreneurial skills.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere is relaxed, casual, and energetic. Embedded among beautiful views of the harbour and the surrounding mountains, it has both outdoor and indoor seating.

While it is open all week round, it is especially lively on the weekends and public holidays, when visitors can enjoy live music. However, weekdays are also swarming with locals that work nearby.

Along with its wide variety of foods, the venue offers many interesting beers and ciders on tap.

We highly recommend you visit your local food connoisseurs. Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is something for everyone at this wonderful and inspiring venue.

Click here to visit their website or follow the links to their social media pages below for more information.